Albania – Butrint (private tour)

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Albania – Butrint (private tour) Let yourself enjoy the adventure!        

On this daily cruise-excursion to Albania, you’re offered the chance to visit ”the land of eagles” which is yet virgin and unexplored.

Meeting point the New Port of Corfu, at the passenger station, for the necessary passport control. Leaving behind the island of Corfu and following the Albanian coastline, the ship enters, in a short time, the port of Saranda.

On arrival, a private transfer is organized by our company, to take you to a guided tour.

First stop, the archaeological center of Saranda, Butrint (30 minutes trip). The guiding tour in the archaeological area lasts for about one hour and a half (on foot). There you’ll find out a lot of the town’s history, while you will be admiring its ancient monuments with the panoramic view from a castle that is situated at the top of a hill.

Leaving behind Butrinti, after a 30 minutes drive, you return to Saranda and to the second stop of the guided tour, Lekuresi Castle. The castle is on a strategic hill point overlooking the town of Saranda. From there one can control the whole town as well as the islands of Ksamil. Free time for a coffee or a refreshment.

In less than ten minutes you will arrive at the center of the city, where your guide will leave you free for three hours to stroll around the town, to swim in one of the nearby beaches or to have lunch in one of the traditional restaurants in the area, before your departure from the port of Saranda.

Duration: 8,5 hrs (09:00-17:30)

  • Price for 2 persons: 350 euros

Runs: every day


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